Company / About

We are developing a comprehensive software solution IQuick, which will allow building a secure, efficient, flexible, cost-effective and scalable payment mechanisms based on modern technologies, smart contracts, and distributed data registry technology.

Our goal. Transform IQuick into a fully decentralized platform. Platform for stable use and the provision of the widest possible list of payment options for goods and services. Platform with the ability to convert into a convenient currency for merchants around the world.

To do this, we explore ways to improve our architecture by providing an authentication server that can be integrated into the merchant’s SDK. This will allow the wallet API to directly connect to the blockchain, contributing to the formation of a fully decentralized model under the long-term vision of IQuick.

IQuick mission. We want the IQuick practical application promotes the more frequent use of cryptocurrency in online and traditional markets. That will increase the total volume of cryptocurrencies payments, and increase the trend of payment decentralization.

Our principles - simplicity, innovation, and openness. We strive to make the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology even more profitable, affordable and secure. IQuick makes crypto assets fast, cheap and efficient. Easy setup using our simple API and documentation makes implementing IQuick into business processes quick and easy.