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IQuick is a financial protocol perfect for optimizing payments all over the world. The protocol offers two global solutions:

  • 1. the marketplace for subscription-based services, allows accepting regular payments in cryptocurrency;
  • 2. you’ll have a payment gateway which accepts you receive cryptocurrency on online resources and instantly and automatically convert it to FIAT money.

IQ Crypto payments cutting cost on payment processing fees, compared to the usual FIAT payment systems, due to the instantaneous conversion of digital and FIAT currencies and the absence of commissions of electronic payment systems. The IQ payment system offers a modern, clear and secure interface for processing online payments, with the possibility of simple integration into the architecture of online services, online stores, marketplaces, etc.

Cryptocurrency and FIAT are transferred to a secure user account in IQ, which only the client (only you) has access to. The auto withdrawal option allows you to withdraw funds from an account in the IQuick system to your specified wallet immediately.

Now IQuick financial protocol works on the Ethereum blockchain. With the development of blockchain technologies and the need for scaling, we will develop and implement our own blockchain platform IQ.

IQuick analogs do not exist yet. IQuick’s main competitors are cryptocurrency exchange services and payment solutions that offer the possibility of accepting digital currencies, but with several drawbacks.

We have eliminated the gaps and limitations of existing solutions. We have built a payment gateway, this allowed us to integrate the crypto-exchanger function into the service. We reduced commissions, increased transaction security. Unlike competitors, IQuick is the first platform in which a transaction is protected by a smart contract that ensures maximum security of a crypto-exchange transaction.

We created the IQuick Platform to meet the needs of a wide audience of merchants, online services, online stores, insurance companies, trading platforms, and sellers of goods and services that accept or want to accept cryptocurrency for payment. Individuals, active users of electronic payment systems, stock exchanges, and online crypto exchangers, can use IQuick services.

IQuick increases the economic efficiency of the business because it allows you to work without intermediaries, such as banks and electronic payment systems VISA and MasterCard. We use the most advanced technology to cut a long chain of intermediaries and save our clients from high transaction fees. Our clients reduce commission fees and minimize the risks of technical system failures and unauthorized access, which are typical for electronic payment systems.

To use IQuick, the seller needs to register on the platform and get the API keys. IQuick server will authenticate the transaction and publish it to Blockchain after confirmation.

IQuick is the best payment solution for accepting a digital currency with an open API, which allows any online service, company or trading platform to install it on your website and accept payments in cryptocurrency.

IQuick currently supports BTC, ETH, DASH. We will implement crypto to FIAT exchange function on the platform with the possibility to receive funds to any bank card or electronic wallet, soon.

IQuick protocol is a unique infrastructure that is responsible for the safe, stable operation of all processes, operations, and links between all the resources of a company. New members and partners can connect through an open API protocol.

It is a ready software solution for currency payments. IQ Protocol ensures stable operation of the IQuick payment gateway and connects it with foreign exchange reserves and company partners.

Yes*. IQuick solution will allow you to exchange cryptocurrency between clients, with maximum speed and high-level security. We created a clear, simple and seamless transparent procedure for the crypto exchange.

The course of cryptocurrency is tied to the “Market” section, in which information is collected from the main exchanges, the cost of cryptocurrency and the capitalization of companies are shown. Thus, users of the IQuick platform receive current price offers as close as possible to the current exchange rate.

* we will realize this functionality (cryptocurrency exchange) according to RoadMap.