Company / RoadMap


Q2 2017

Project start. Development of the project idea, an involvement of specialists

Q3 2017

IQuick platform development start


Q1-Q2 2018

Concept project and business model refinement

Q3 2018

Start a test platform and first test transaction. Open API Implementation

Q4 2018

IQuick Company Registration. First partner connection, first transactions, Private sale

December 2018

Search for anchor funds, investors


January 2019

License for exchange and storage of cryptocurrency in the European Union

Q3 2019

The ability to exchange tokens added

Q4 2019

IQuick App v 1.0 release (functionality improvements, user interface)

Q4 2019

10 new partners


Q1 2020

ADD Buy CryptoCarrecy from world card

Q2 2020

100,000 users

Q3 2020


Q4 2020

IQuick App v 2.0 release (new research application, security improved, enhanced of functionality, UI improved)

Q4 2020

ADD auto exchange crypto