Product / Security

We take charge of our service and our users’ security, and we try to fully disclose and enhance the practical application of cryptocurrency advantages and strengths, of blockchain and smart contracts.

Cryptocurrency offers market participants high privacy and security, harmoniously combined with the transparency of transactions. At IQuick, we have tried to reveal and strengthen these key benefits of digital currencies, to make their use simple, safe and affordable for companies and their customers.

We are constantly improving the processes, for which we attract the best security experts in financial and blockchains. We securely protect your data but do not get access to your coins, funds or keys.

The site implemented a Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor Authentication using a combination of two different components, like Google or Microsoft authorization. Through the use of two-factor authentication, additional security and a high level of security of user data and assets are achieved.

Using smart contracts is convenient and it is secure. The data is stored in an encrypted form in a distributed registry and is available only to participants in transactions. Reliability is ensured by the properties of the blockchain technology, for which multiple duplications (copying) of the contract by the system. Working with the system and all IQuick benefits available to the widest possible audience.